Monday, August 1, 2016


What?! A new blog post on a Monday instead of a Tuesday? YEP.
 We are headed to Colorado tomorrow, so I'm posting a day early this week.

Ohhh shopping, how I love you! One of my favorite places to shop (especially online) is Nordstrom. I love Nordstrom. SO much. For four main reasons:
1. You can find some great deals. (I've gotten items for around $10!)
2. Their customer service is unbeatable.
3. There is free shipping and free returns. 
4. They have a mother's room. A super nice, comfortable one. 

As a stay at home mom, I can't go crazy and shop like I used to when Landon and I were DINKS (Double Income, No Kids). But, it's totally okay because I happen to really like bargain shopping anyway! Although I like to find good deals, I also like to spend some money on investment pieces that I know I will last for years.  

So, here are some of my favorite items from the sale! And, for the record, I am definitely NOT a fashionista. I have the "mom" style going on 95% of the time, which consists of four items: T-shirt. Jeans. Shoes (usually sandals, converse, flats, or booties). Basic jewelry. That's about it.

Denim is definitely something I like to invest in. Good quality jeans that fit well are worth the the money. Wit and Wisdom and Loft jeans are my favorite. I swear my Wit and Wisdom jeans are more comfortable than some pajama pants I own! But these Vigoss ones fit me great and are very flattering! I'm glad I ordered them.

I love these bracelets, and I thought this one was pretty. I knew it would look nice stacked with a few other bracelets I own.

3. Hanky Panky (low rise)
I know. The price tag is ridiculous. But before you judge me, go read the reviews. These are a DREAM. I couldn't convince myself to keep more than two pairs because of the cost. But, I think I will just pick up a pair every now and then and slowly build my collection because to be honest, I don't want to wear anything else. #TMI

4. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan AKA. Blardigan
I read all about blardigans on Sheaffer Told Me To, and I've had my eye on them for awhile now. When I saw that they were included in the sale, I jumped right on it and ordered myself both the original and baby version. WOW. They are even more comfortable than I thought they would be! They are SO soft, and I will probably wear one every single day of my life as soon as the weather starts getting cooler. I am even considering bumping my air conditioner down to 40 degrees now just so I can wear one around the house. I want to order ten more so I can always have one with me. Maybe I should add them to my diaper bag essentials post... That's how much I love them. Thanks Sheaffer for the recommendation!!

I always like to buy a pair of these while they are on sale. You can wear them to workout, but you can also wear them with a long sweater or shirt. They are nice and thick, so you can not see through them at all. They also hold up nice in the wash, which is always a plus!

Some of my other favorites that I LOVE and would totally purchase if I was still a DINK. 

The sale runs until August 8. Go treat yourself! :) 

Have a great Monday!

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