Thursday, December 10, 2015

Two Month Baby Update

We just got back from our Hawaiian vacation, and it was WONDERFUL!
I can't wait to share more about the trip, but Lincoln turned two months old last week so I wanted to give a quick baby update.
He had his big check-up appointment with his pediatrician on November 20 (one week early) so he could get all of his shots before we got on the plane. He did really well! He screamed during the vaccinations, was fussy for a little bit after, then slept the rest of the night. I was so proud of him.
Sleeping while waiting for his appointment
Weight on 11/20/15:
11 lbs, 5 oz (46th percentile)
Height on 11/20/15:
24.5 inches (99th percentile, he is very long!)
He still has a good amount of brown hair. He lost a little in the front, but it seems to be growing back. His eyes are still deep blue.
We get a five hour stretch of sleep on most nights. He still sleeps in our room, and we just transitioned from his sleeper to his flat bassinet.
Last week, I tried to put him in his crib for the first time for a nap. He put himself to sleep (which was great), but only slept for about 20 minutes. Oh well... baby steps right?!
Lincoln likes...
  • Looking at lights. He LOVES to look at anything bright.
  • Smiling. Over the past week or two, he has been smiling so much.
  • Blowing bubbles... spit bubbles everywhere! They are all over his face, drip down on his shirt, etc.
  • Standing up on your lap (with assistance, of course)
  • Sleeping. He is still the sleepiest baby. I think he slept through 90% of our vacation. 
Lincoln does NOT like...
  • Waiting to eat. He wants to eat right away when he gets hungry.
  • Tummy time. He is getting better, but still doesn't enjoy it.
  • Being ignored. He wants our attention all of the time. But, I don't mind one bit :)
Other fun facts:
  • He has discovered his hands, and loves to chew/suck on them.
  • Landon sang to him in an opera voice the other day when he was crying, and Lincoln LOVED it. He stopped fussing instantly and gave us a HUGE smile. It was hilarious!
  • His neck is getting super strong. He likes to try and hold his head up by himself for awhile, but it always ends up falling over.
Overall, he is such a sweet little baby and it has been a great month! He seems so happy, and I am lucky to be his mom! 
You can find last month's update here:

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