Monday, December 28, 2015

Tips For Traveling With A Newborn

Oh my goodness! I can't believe how quick Christmas came and went this year!

I hope each and every one of you had a great holiday with your family and friends.

It was Lincoln's first Christmas, and we had a blast! Unfortunately, he caught his first cold while were were celebrating Jesus' birth over the past few days. So, we have just been relaxing at home and taking it easy.

On a COMPLETELY different note, I am going to share my top tips for traveling with a newborn. We went to Hawaii with Landon's family about a month ago and we brought our little 8 week old. Since I am a new mom, I was pretty nervous to travel with such a small baby. So, I thought I would share some tips I learned from the experience!

Traveling with a newborn definitely takes a lot of planning (and flexibility). AND, my biggest piece of advice would be to RELAX.

I tend to get super uptight and stressed over stuff like this. What if he starts screaming on the plane? What if I can't get him to stop crying and everyone stares at me? But, you really can't worry about all of that! You can only do your best to be prepared and just enjoy the time with your precious baby.

So here are my tips. If any of you have traveled with a little one, I would love to hear what you found helpful!

Before we left, I went on the airline's website to get as much information as possible. I learned a lot, and it helped me feel more comfortable. For example, I learned that you can check the stroller and carseat in for FREE. You can also bring multiple bottles of pumped breast milk on the plane. And on that note...

When I was little, I remember my mom always stuffing Bubblicious gum in my mouth before takeoff and landing. Even to this day, I always make sure I have gum or something to chew on when I fly.  So, I wanted to make sure I had something for Lincoln to suck on to avoid his ears from popping! Since he is too little for Bubblicious gum (what a shame!), I had to come up with a different plan. He loves bottles, so I made sure I brought some pumped ones so that they were ready to go.

When I started packing, I laid everything out in our living room and immediately got super overwhelmed! Then, I came to the realization that I was going to have quite a bit of luggage and I didn't let it stress me out. I ended up packing two bags for Lincoln. I packed a suitcase with everything we would need once we got there, and then I packed his diaper bag with all of the essentials. Which brings me to my next point...

Besides, all of the normal items (diapers, wipes, extra clothes, etc)...  I found the following things helpful to have on hand:
PEE PADS - Weird, I know. We have a puppy, so I brought a few of her disposable potty training pads to place on the plane changing table. Yes, I realize that they have disposable changing pads out there, but I already had these on hand and they worked perfectly.
EXTRA SHIRT FOR MYSELF - I threw this in my bag at the last minute, and I'm SO glad I did. He pooped on me during the flight, and I was thankful for that fresh shirt.
PACIFIER CLIP - I mean, who wants their pacifier to fall on the ground in a plane. GROSS. 
BLANKET - Airplanes are COLD.
LITTLE DISPOSABLE DIAPER BAGS - These are meant for dirty diapers, but I put his dirty outfits in them (and my dirty shirt). They are scented, so I was able to just tie the little bag up and keep it in my diaper bag until we arrived at our destination.
NURSING COVER - I love the Covered Goods cover because it provides full coverage and is lightweight and easy to throw on.

Our airline let families with small children under 2 board the plane early. It was nice to ensure that we got space in the overhead bin and to take our time getting situated.

Self explanatory. Use LOTS of hand sanitizer. I also made sure I had a fresh pack of pacifier wipes. 

I can't even TELL YOU how helpful it was to have my amazing husband and his family on the plane. There was always someone to hold him if I needed a little break, and it was so nice to be surrounded by my support group.

That's it for now. Hopefully, some of you will find these tips helpful if you are traveling with your new baby! Like I stated earlier, I would LOVE to hear any of your tips! We are headed to Big Bear in a few weeks (which will be Lincoln's first time in the snow AND his first road trip) So, any advice would be appreciated!

Have an amazing day! 
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Simply, Chelsea


  1. We're taking Cayden on his first airplane trip in two days! Can't tell you how helpful all your tips were! As for road trips, we are pros at that now. In 5 months Cayden has been to Arizona and back (5 hours each way) twice, and California twice (4 hours each way). Maybe it's not for everyone, but I always sit in the back seat with him for trips. It makes it SO much easier and you don't have to stop every single time you don't know what's wrong. I was able to play with him and also feed him bottles if needed. We tried to stick to nursing whenever we stopped, but I remember a couple times being in the middle of nowhere where it wasn't safe to pull off and I was so grateful for bottles of pumped milk!! Also, kind of like you mentioned for flying, have your diaper bag within arms reach and have it stocked. Spit up cloths, wipes, toys, bottles, etc. that way you can minimize the need to pull over! Have so much fun on your trip :)

    1. I'm glad you found them helpful! Thank you for the tips! You are a road-trip professional.. I can't believe you have been on that many!

  2. My first winter in the snow... With a brand new baby... Boy, I'm learning a lot. My biggest tip would be to layer layer layer. Depending on how cold it is, we put Chris in a onesie, pants and for the car rides. When we get to our destination we then put him in a one piece outfit over his clothes. Then if it's really cold, we add a hat and mitts.
    Another thing I learned is that if you are out when it's snowing, bring extra blankets. We went out while it was snowing. I used one blanket to cover the stroller so the snow wouldn't get on him. When we got back in the car, I went to cover him up in his car seat and realized the blanket was wet... Duh. So we had to go back home and grab another.
    Last piece of advice is to remember that anything thicker than a light fleece is too thick to wear in the car seat safely.

    Hope you have fun!!

    1. Layering.. what a great idea! I didn't know they couldn't wear anything thicker than a light fleece while in the car seat. THANK YOU!

  3. These are great tips! We are flying in April, and while mine will be 6 months, you had great points! I probably wouldn't have thought of a pacifier clip at all!!

    1. Thank you! Have fun flying with your little one.. hopefully you get to go somewhere fun! :)