Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hawaii: Trip Recap

We just spent 8 days in Kauai over Thanksgiving with Landon's family, and it was AMAZING.
It was a TRUE vacation. We slept. We ate. We went to the beach. We napped. We ate some more.

Sure, it was a lot of work taking a 8 week old baby on a trip, but it was worth every second. I also learned a lot about traveling with a newborn, and I plan to do a post on that soon.
For now, prepare yourselves for some selfies, a lot of pictures of Lincoln, and some snapshots of beautiful Hawaiian scenery/wildlife. Enjoy!

We left on Thursday, November 26, and the trip started with a five hour delay at our home airport. Haha. Nevertheless, we were excited and anxious to get to Hawaii! (Our plane had a crack in one of the windows, so I am glad they realized it before we took off.)

Lincoln did GREAT on the plane. He slept most of the time. There were a TON of children on our flight, and there was even a 3 week old flying with us in the back of the plane.

After our delay and our 6.5 hour flight from San Diego to Kauai, we arrived in Hawaii late Thursday night. We headed straight to our rental home to unload the luggage. Then, we went to Brennecke's, a restaurant right down the street, for a late dinner. We were all STARVING.
Our rental house was only a block or two away from the beach, and oh my goodness it was the PERFECT location! We were close to a surf shop (where we all got a lot of great deals on Black Friday), a restaurant, and a place to get shave ice. It doesn't get better than that!
Friday, we woke up and went for a walk on the beach. 

We saw a sea turtle up on the shore.. it was really cool! (That's my nephew, Ryder. Isn't he a cutie?!)

After our walk, we came back to the house and just hung out for a bit.  Then, Landon and I decided to meet everyone else at the beach.

FUNNY STORY. Once we made the decision to go down to the beach, Landon and I got ready really quick. We got our bathing suits on and put Lincoln in the baby carrier. As we were walking, all I could think about was how excited I was to get my tan on. Once we got there, Landon and I looked at Lincoln in the Ergo baby, then at each other, and both said "CRAP. What the heck do we do with Lincoln?" haha! We didn't bring chairs, an umbrella, his carseat, a tent, or anything for him to sit on.

Right at that moment, I think we both realized that a simple trip to the beach takes a lot more preparation with a baby! 
#firsttimeparents #clueless
That night we barbequed steaks, and just relaxed.

Most of our days were spent cruising around Kauai and spending time at the beach. I will just highlight a few more memorable things from the trip so I don't bore everyone with a daily play by play! :)

On Friday night, we went to a Luau.. it was awesome!

Unfortunately, it was raining, but they were so sweet and provided umbrellas to all the guests. We took a tram tour around the grounds, ate a lot of great food, and watched the show. The show was ...interesting... haha. It was very long, and I think most of us were dozing off until the fire dancer came out!

Here we are heading to the beach... so fun!

Landon and I even got away a few times to spend some quality time together.

On our last day, we went paddle boarding and snorkeling. These seals were hanging up on the shore with us. They were so fun to watch.

Overall, it was such a relaxing vacation and we had a blast! I can't wait for the next one.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

Simply, Chelsea


  1. That looks like an amazing trip! I give you so much credit for traveling with a baby! I can't wait to hear your tips!

    1. Yes, it was such a great trip! Just posted my tips, ENJOY :)