Monday, October 12, 2015

My FIVE Newborn Baby Essentials

Hi there, Happy Monday!

I know Lincoln.. this is how I feel about Mondays too...

Today, I am going to be sharing my top five newborn essentials! 

As a first time mom, I wasn't exactly sure what I would need. I got all of the basics (diapers, wipes, onesies, swaddle blankets, etc..), but there are so many baby items out there. It is hard to figure out what is necessary and what isn't.

So, without further delay, here are my five newborn baby essentials!

1. Lalabu Soothe Shirt
This is probably my favorite thing in the world right now. Lincoln had a complete meltdown the other night (see picture below), and we tried everything to calm him down. I fed him, burped him, rocked him, you name it.. I tried it! Randomly, I remembered I ordered this shirt a while back and it was still sitting in the box in his closet. I RAN to his room, RIPPED it open, and THREW it on (I am not even kidding. At this point, Lincoln and I were both hysterical and crying haha). I put him in the pouch and he calmed down in about 10 seconds. It was amazing.  This shirt also doubles as a nursing tank. The material is thick and sturdy, and I love the convenience of it. I also love that I can still get stuff done around the house, but I don't have to put him down. It's a win-win for both of us!

(Ignore the crazy hair and sleepy face, I was just SO happy we finally got him to calm down!)

2. Ingenuity Moonlight Rocking Sleeper
Lincoln does not really care for his bassinet yet. He will take short naps in it, but thats it. We received this sleeper as a gift and he LOVES it. I think its because he prefers to sleep in a more enclosed space rather than flat on the bassinet. Plus, this sleeper vibrates, plays soft music, and shines stars on the ceiling.  
It is so precious.

3. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow
Love, love, LOVE this nursing pillow. Landon's grandma got this for me as a shower gift and it is wonderful. It provides so much support, and it is very comfortable to wear. I also like that it has a pocket, so I can put my phone or anything I might need while nursing in there.

4. Cloth Diapers
We are using disposable diapers, but I have been using cloth diapers for everything else. Burp rags, cleaning spit-up, wiping things down, etc.. They are super cheap and are great to just throw in the wash. I always carry at least one with me in my diaper bag (which just happens to be 40% off right now!) and have a few laying around the house.

5. Munchkin Sarabear Portable Diaper Caddy
I saw this months ago while I was still pregnant and browsing around Target. I already had a basket for his changing table to keep diapers in, but this one caught my eye because it has separate compartments. I keep his diapers, butt paste, baby powder, and wipes in it. It is great to have everything handy during diaper changes.

Well, that's it! For all the moms out there, what are some of your baby essentials? I would love to know!

 Simply Chelsea

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  1. We love the woombie! Chris flails his arms a ton at night which wakes him up. He breaks out of every swaddle we have. The woombie has been amazing!